SATANIC PUNISH : Underdogs Of The Underground

SATANIC PUNISH, a group that I’ve really come to love during 2020, they are a group that I think should be talked about more then they are, especially be overseas fans, because, you see, SATANIC PUNISH have a small, but very loyal fanbase outside of Japan that over the course of this year, I have regularly seen at their live shows (the online ones anyway).

As you can probably tell, this is pretty much a ramble about my year as a SATANIC PUNISH fan, I first heard about them at the start of the year, when Idol Underworld was promoting them (IU’s promotion of the group has since ended), and the song “Pray For Satan” was released, I loved how intense and ruthless the song was, and started to follow the group.

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to interview the group via Skype, and during that time I was able to bond with the members and staff, unfortunately, due to issues related to a previous project I was involved in, that interview is only available in audio form.

Usagi and Webshiki, the two members that make up Satanic Punish are wonderful people, and we regularly talk on Twitter about live shows, and general updates they post, they are an absolute joy to interact with.

The same goes for Fudou, the group’s manager, I have all the time in the world for Fudou, again, a person who is just wonderful.

The group recently released “Alpha Omega”, a song that i actually heard several times before release, as the group regularly perform it at lives, and have done for most of the year.

All in all, Satanic Punish are a group that more western underground idol fans NEED to listen to, and it disappoints me that more people don’t talk about them.

Thank you to the members and staff of Satanic Punish for changing my outlook on the world, I’ll forever be grateful to all of you

I think 2021 will be the year of SATANIC PUNISH !

SATANIC PUNISH Talk 2020, No Limitations And The Future

One thing I’ve always said about SATANIC PUNISH since discovering them at the start of 2020 is that I respect their attitude of writing songs and singing about whatever they like, no matter what it is, which is something you don’t see other idol groups really doing, even in the underground scene.

The person to thank for this alternative view in idol music is FUDOU GANTETSU, the group’s producer, a person with strong beliefs and a strong will.

The majority of the following interview is with FUDOU, although there are some brief thoughts from the group’s two members, WEBSHIKI and USAGI.


Q : 2020 has been a difficult year for everyone, how has Satanic Punish dealt with 2020 ?

FUDOU : Yes, it’s been a very difficult year for us, the most difficult thing for us has been not being able to do live performances, and we had to postpone the recording and release of our upcoming single.

Q: Webshiki & Usagi, you are very strong people, what motivates you the most ?

Webshiki : It’s performing live, I always want to give a better performance than last time, so I’m always more motivated when fans and first-timers praise me.

Usagi : First is a big cheer from everyone who supports me. Also, when I do something that I couldn’t do in practice, I want to do the performance sooner, which will motivate me even more.

Q: You wrote a song called “Bully”, about a girl known as “#ssb84t”, I respect that you wrote a song about this subject. Are there any restrictions on what Satanic Punish can sing about ?

FUDOU : No, our songs are based on historical facts, so we do not set any regulations or restrictions.

Our music is cathartic, that’s one word to describe it. Our music is propaganda and we consider it a medium to convey the truth, therefore, everything is expressed honestly without sugar-coating it.

Q : You recently announced your new single “Alpha Omega” will be released in December, what can we expect from it ?

FUDOU : From our new single “Alpha Omega”, you can experience the profound feeling, violence and aggression of Satanic Punish, which has become a true system.

Of all our songs that are currently released, the new song “Alpha Omega” can be recommended with particular confidence.

Q :  Overseas fans are very enthusiastic, but how important are overseas fans to Satanic Punish?

FUDOU : So to speak, I think they are essential

Overseas, the LOUD culture is flourishing, that is why every overseas fan who appreciates our music is a reason for us to continue to exist.

We will continue to release famous songs, so we appreciate your continued support.

The songs scheduled to be released in 2021 are all dangerous songs

Q: Finally, what can we expect from Satanic Punish in 2021 ?

FUDOU : We want to release new songs regularly next year, the new songs to be released will exceed “Pray For Satan”, and we are planning to release only brutal, heavy and crazy songs.

J-Music World wishes to thank the staff and members of Satanic Punish for taking part in this interview

You can follow Satanic Punish on Twitter here :

Cilvie – STRAY SHEEP – Review

Wow ! Colour me impressed !

Cilvie’s debut track “STRAY SHEEP” is fantastic, just fantastic !

This is a heavy, powerful song that does a great job of introducing the band, and says “We are Cilvie, and this is who we are, and what we are about !”

If you wanted to make a statement with your debut track, this is certainly the way to do it.

I, for one, will be keeping a close eye on how the band progresses moving forward from here and I can definitely say that after hearing “STRAY SHEEP”, i am a fan.

The lyric video for the song is available here :

And, you can follow the band on Twitter here :

RAINASH – Beyond The Clouds – Review

Ever since I first discovered RAINASH in 2017, I’ve always been impressed at the workrate and consistency of the band, a band which doesn’t stray from the style they know.

Once again, vocalist Emmy and instrumentalist Tomo, who make up RAINASH, continue to do what they do best with their new single “Beyond The Clouds”, released 16/11/20.

A moody guitar riff sets the tone for a song that follows suit, Emmy, a vocalist who is great at portraying emotion in the way she delivers lines, does a stellar job in the 4 minute track.

RAINASH are a band that are establishing themselves as a very solid and likeable band, as well as this new track, I also recommend their debut full length album “Decay” that was released earlier this year.

Now, I hope to see RAINASH perform some live shows in the future !

Satanic Punish – Pray For Satan – Review

Satanic Punish’s 6th single “Pray For Satan” was released earlier this year and it is a very heavy and aggressive song with lyrics that fit those descriptives also.

Lyrically, it is a song with hateful lyrics, and by that I mean lyrics that speak of hate and resent towards the subject person of the piece.

The chorus of lighter vocals are performed by the members Webshiki and Usagi, who remain with the group.

I remember seeing Satanic Punish live for the first time and being very impressed with Usagi’s vocal ability especially, but both Webshiki and Usagi are strong performers.

“Pray For Satan” is arguably Satanic Punish’s most popular song and it is pretty easy to see why, fans of alternative rock and metal idol groups will certainly get a kick out of this track.

Satanic Punish are gearing up for a new single release very soon, and that song will also be reviewed on Alt Idol Life.

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