SATANIC PUNISH : Underdogs Of The Underground

SATANIC PUNISH, a group that I’ve really come to love during 2020, they are a group that I think should be talked about more then they are, especially be overseas fans, because, you see, SATANIC PUNISH have a small, but very loyal fanbase outside of Japan that over the course of this year, I haveContinue reading “SATANIC PUNISH : Underdogs Of The Underground”

SATANIC PUNISH Talk 2020, No Limitations And The Future

One thing I’ve always said about SATANIC PUNISH since discovering them at the start of 2020 is that I respect their attitude of writing songs and singing about whatever they like, no matter what it is, which is something you don’t see other idol groups really doing, even in the underground scene. The person toContinue reading “SATANIC PUNISH Talk 2020, No Limitations And The Future”

RAINASH – Beyond The Clouds – Review

Ever since I first discovered RAINASH in 2017, I’ve always been impressed at the workrate and consistency of the band, a band which doesn’t stray from the style they know. Once again, vocalist Emmy and instrumentalist Tomo, who make up RAINASH, continue to do what they do best with their new single “Beyond The Clouds”,Continue reading “RAINASH – Beyond The Clouds – Review”

Satanic Punish – Pray For Satan – Review

Satanic Punish’s 6th single “Pray For Satan” was released earlier this year and it is a very heavy and aggressive song with lyrics that fit those descriptives also. Lyrically, it is a song with hateful lyrics, and by that I mean lyrics that speak of hate and resent towards the subject person of the piece.Continue reading “Satanic Punish – Pray For Satan – Review”

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