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Satanic Punish – Pray For Satan – Review

Satanic Punish’s 6th single “Pray For Satan” was released earlier this year and it is a very heavy and aggressive song with lyrics that fit those descriptives also.

Lyrically, it is a song with hateful lyrics, and by that I mean lyrics that speak of hate and resent towards the subject person of the piece.

The chorus of lighter vocals are performed by the members Webshiki and Usagi, who remain with the group.

I remember seeing Satanic Punish live for the first time and being very impressed with Usagi’s vocal ability especially, but both Webshiki and Usagi are strong performers.

“Pray For Satan” is arguably Satanic Punish’s most popular song and it is pretty easy to see why, fans of alternative rock and metal idol groups will certainly get a kick out of this track.

Satanic Punish are gearing up for a new single release very soon, and that song will also be reviewed on Alt Idol Life.


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